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Date Title
05 Jun 2018 2018 EGM Handbook (2018股東臨時會議事手冊)
30 May 2018 Notice of extraordinary general meeting on June 22, 2018
Shareholder Proxy (股東委託書) – Please print, sign and send the completed form to JHL Biotech, Inc.
06 Feb 2018 Acquisition Commitment Q&A (承諾收購問答集 Chinese Only)
31 Jan 2018 2018 Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting Agenda (English and Chinese)
15 Jan 2018 Undertaking to JHL for Voluntary Delisting from TPEx Emerging Stock Market:
Letter regarding Undertaking (English & Chinese)
Undertaking Form (English & Chinese) – Please print, sign and mail the completed form to JHL Biotech, Inc.
02 Jun 2016 Annual Report and Shareholder Information (Chinese only)

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