Message from the


Racho Jordanov

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman,
President and CEO

JHL Biotech, Inc. was established in 2012 with a vision of making world-class biopharmaceuticals affordable and accessible to all patients globally. We will accomplish this by utilizing manufacturing innovations in the hands of our highly experienced team of biopharmaceutical industry veterans. By working side-by-side with regionally-located staff, our team leaders will not only direct the efforts of their departments, but will share their knowledge and experience to develop the next generation of biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing leaders and experts. Through these efforts, we believe we will be able to accomplish our mission to provide world-class process development and manufacturing services in Asia to companies developing and commercializing high-quality affordable biologic medicines for regional and global distribution.

Many of us at JHL Biotech started working in the biotech industry at a time when we were discovering how to manufacture proteins and monoclonal antibodies. We learned from our mistakes and our successes, and accumulated a deep knowledge base. We plan to share with the next generation of biopharmaceutical manufacturing professionals our expertise and passion for helping others. We also realized that while we had been innovating the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, the costs associated with biopharmaceutical manufacturing made innovative medicines, particularly biotech medicines, unaffordable to many in the developed world and many millions in the emerging and developing countries.

We at JHL Biotech know that we must focus on helping those who need it most: patients who need life-changing and/or life-saving treatments, and that our approach had to be different. We knew we had to lower the cost barrier to medicines access. Through utilization of advances in manufacturing science and technology coupled with lean manufacturing techniques and advanced control systems, we will make biopharmaceutical manufacturing more affordable and therefore, more accessible, to as many patients as possible.

So it is with this renewed passion and enthusiasm, coupled with a commitment to make medicines affordable and accessible, that we founded JHL Biotech. We have gathered a group of like-minded biotech experts to lead our efforts and together, we will make JHL’s vision a reality.

Message from the


Rose Lin

Co-Founder, COO and General Manager (Taiwan)

Racho and I have worked together for more than 20 years at Genentech, so we know our experience and our expertise. I was mostly responsible for clinical products, clinical manufacturing, and Racho was responsible for large scale commercial technology manufacturing.

In Asia, most of what you see in terms of experience comes in the form of one or two people, who return to China or Taiwan to start a Company. You seldom see a team of people from Genentech or other major firms forming a team in Asia. We have a team of around 10 people when we started to deliver our mission of producing affordable, world-class biologics to all patients.

I am a single mother with three daughters. In 1987, at 40 years old, I started my first career, at Genentech. Things have not been easy! And yet, when I established myself at Genentech, I wanted to help. Many people have not been as fortunate as I have been. When I retired in 2006, I started a charity called TLC. In the next year, I met Racho, and asked him to join us as a board member. We started helping kids in South Asia, China, Africa, and Bulgaria to get a better education.

On a personal level, I feel that I am wealthy—I have a lot of knowledge! I want to offer it to kids in Taiwan that can really use it. A Tsinghua University post-doc recently asked us for a job, saying that he could help us solve any problem. But when I brought him to our lab, he told me he felt like an apprentice! I see that in Taiwan, there is a knowledge gap between our educational system and the industry. I want to help bridge that gap. That is my passion and my dream.