About JHL

Who We Are

JHL Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company that develops biosimilars and accelerates the development programs of distinguished clients & partners through the provision of contract development and manufacturing services. We are specialists in manufacturing biologics, from cell line development to commercial manufacturing with both global and regional regulatory affairs expertise.

Contract Development & Manufacturing Services

We provide fully client-dedicated and timeline-accelerating Contract Development and Manufacturing Services to enhance the development programs of select partners. With cost-saving as a priority, we provide elite professional services to match each client’s specific needs.

Developing Proprietary Biosimilar Pipeline

We are developing a vast pipeline of several proprietary biosimilars through experienced process optimization, an unwavering commitment to quality, and with innovative/cost-effective manufacturing infrastructure.

Collaboration & Licensing of Innovative Biologics

We license-in innovative new molecules for co-development that we believe offer long-term benefits and can address global unmet medical needs. In paving the way to becoming an industry leader in biologics manufacturing, innovation is key.


Founded in 2012, JHL is an innovator in biopharmaceuticals that utilizes breakthrough engineering and process technologies to provide high quality and affordable biosimilar medicines to patients in need and a formidable CDMO player for global and regional clients. JHL has submitted IND/CTA’s to over 20+ countries/regions and has passed numerous Regulatory Audits/Inspections, including from the Taiwan FDA and EU Qualified Person (QP).

JHL Biotech LogoJHL is strong and flexible like the stalks of the bamboo.  The strength comes from everyone’s expertise and ability to work together to meet the common goal of making world-class biopharmaceuticals affordable and accessible to all patients globally.  The flexibility comes from being able to adjust to situations to resolve challenges that we may face.